Let’s ‘Chop Chop Wok’

I want to eat with chopsticks

Have you been to Chop Chop Wok? If not, then cancel all plans tonight and go there straightaway after work. No I mean it! It gets too crowded by 8 pm and in any case, it’s good to have your dinner by 7 pm!

This is such a gooooooood place to eat. They have 4-5 different flavours and you can choose whether you want chicken, meat or fish. And at the end of the day; volia – a beautifully crafted bowl of food.

I like Chop Chop Wok because it’s simply good food which doesn’t make you feel like you’ve stuffed yourself and is relatively healthy.

Ofcourse, you better be prepared to wait inside the shop if you don’t find seats but I have a little secret…even if they tell you its a 45 minute wait-don’t budge. I always manage to find a seat within 15 minutes.

My husband even likes it – which says a lot since he’s always turning his nose up at restaurant food. He’s the good ol’ desi husband who likes ghar kay parathay and dahi for breakfast! Just my luck!

So peeps, go chop chop tonight and let me know how ‘woking’ it was!

till later,


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